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I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, but I was never that into it. In fact, I would usually get bored, and after a while I would end up reading my book and enjoying the sunshine… words I can’t believe even as I write them!

Even when my husband got REALLY into fishing (and he never goes half way with his hobbies!) I didn’t really see what all of the fuss was about. I had no problems catching small pan fish using live bait and a bobber, but I didn’t have the patience or even the desire to go after a big fish. That was HIS thing, and I had the newest edition of Instyle to read, even if I have pretty much been out of style all of my life. (See photos. I usually look a little better than a well dressed hobo when I am fishing.)

Then life happened. We got married, we had two kids, the economy tanked, our kids started growing up and joining every club/ sport/ organization possible, and yours truly went back to work full time and spent a LOT of my time working, carting kids around or watching their performances.  Fishing fell by the wayside for everyone.

Then, during our first ever family vacation in 2017, two things happened that changed my life forever.

1.       We created an Airbnb  profile (cue dramatic music!)

2.       My husband and I went fishing (cue even more dramatic music)

I love Airbnb. When you use Airbnb, you stay in people’s homes instead of hotels when you travel. You can rent a room, or an entire home, whatever suits your needs. One thing the people at Airbnb like you to do is to create a user profile, so that hosts who are willing to rent you their home can tell a little bit about who they are renting their homes to. I would imagine they are trying to read between lines of “user profile” crap to tell if you are going to host a frat party or cult ritual at their home. Anyway, they ask what your hobbies are, and I had… NOTHING to put in that space.

I liked to read, and I like to collect records, but are those really hobbies? I feel like everyone should read, and that it’s more of a necessity than a hobby.  As for my record collecting, I love vinyl, but I pretty much just buy the records I like at antique shops or flea markets. I actually listen to them so I don’t care if they are flawless or priceless first editions. I just like what I like.

 I think I ended up writing “I like board games”, in the hobby section of the profile which really bothered me.

And then, as Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years used to say, “It happened.” In the closet of this Airbnb condo was a cheap spinning rod and reel set up. Our condo was on the ocean. I had wanted to book a chartered deep sea fishing trip, but they were way out of my budget. I saw that pole, and I asked the hubs if we could get it set up and maybe fish a little. So we went to the bait shop, got some live shrimp and fished right outside our condo. My husband showed me how to use the spinning reel and I caught fish. A lot of fish! I was happier than I had been in a long time. When that cheap rod and reel broke, we went to the Bass Pro Shops and bought another rod and reel (that I still use to this day!) Then we bought lures, and then we bought another cheap rod and reel and we fished every day for the rest of the vacation. 

We released every fish we caught, but catching those fish lit a fire inside me. I knew after that trip that I couldn’t go back to NOT fishing anymore. My life had changed. My kids were old enough to not need babysitters. My oldest was driving, and didn’t need me to cart her to every practice, performance and competition. I was happy to have a little bit of free time, and I wanted to fish every second of it!

The week after I got back from vacation I told my husband that I wanted to go fishing, and I wanted to catch a big fish. I started reading up on fishing. I started watching fishing shows on youtube. I started going to fishing stores and looking at lures. I started thinking about colors, casting techniques (I am still working on mine!) and what would actually entice fish. I talked to everyone, all of the time about fishing.

I was determined. I told everyone we were going fishing again the next weekend and I was going to catch a big fish. When I met up with my husband to go fishing he said, “Do you have makeup on to go fishing?” I told him “Yes, I want to look cute in my pictures of me holding my big fish.” He rolled his eyes. But, I did look kind of cute when he took the pictures of me holding my 7.5lb catfish!

Then I went on a mission for a big bass.  I caught an approximately 4lb bass on the Fourth of July (I look the opposite of cute here, but it was hotter than hell!), and I caught a few other nice fish over the rest of the summer too. I fished all throughout the fall, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon!

I would love to share my newfound knowledge with you in my blog. I want to tell you about the places I go, the gear I use, and the experiences I have! I hope to get more people fishing, especially women! I hope to learn from you and get your advice about fishing too.  I hope to post once a week, so check back often for new posts! Please don’t be a stranger, feel free to share this blog and your tips and tricks in the comment section!

Until next time,

Tight lines and Big Smiles!


Fishing in Florida

I am blaming the heat for this heinous ensemble!


My first big fish!

slightly better (but not much) outfit


My first big bass!

Another embarrassing ensemble...ugh

Hot fall lures for cooler temperatures!

Hot fall lures for cooler temperatures!