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Hot fall lures for cooler temperatures!

Hot fall lures for cooler temperatures!

Put away your pumpkin spiced everything as fall is rapidly slipping through our fingers. Here are two types of baits that I caught a lot of fish with past fall, and here is why you should pick them up for your tackle box to be ready for next fall!

1.       The Storm Wiggle Wart in Blue Steel Shad color.

Last month the hubs and I headed to the sacred bass lake of Missouri, Table Rock Lake. We did a LOT of research before this trip. We watched fishing reports, we read articles and we watched youtube videos of pros fishing Table Rock. One thing that was consistently recommended for fishing Table Rock in the fall was to use shad- looking lures. In the fall, shad migrate from the depths of the lake and head towards creeks and shallow areas in search of their food of choice- plankton. The shad are plentiful and lures that simulate their movements are well received.

 The Storm Wiggle Wart was also recommended over and over again for Table Rock. I chose the Blue Steel Shad color and you can get it from Cabela's by clicking the button below.


The Wiggle Wart is one of those lures that has been around for many years and is popular with anglers and with fish because when it is being cranked in, it wiggles and simulates the action of a dying fish, very convincingly. The Wiggle Wart is available in many colors but I had the best luck with the Shad colored one during the trip to Table Rock. I even caught the small mouth in the photo below.

The only downside to the Wiggle Wart is this; it will wear your arms out. I used this lure most of the time during this trip. Because of the action of this lure, it does give you a fair bit of resistance when you reel it in, and your arms will get a bit fatigued after a while. Of course that is a small price to pay in my book!

2. A Perch colored deep diving crankbait. (let me explain....)

While we were at Table Rock, we stopped into OTM Bait and Tackle in Kimberling City. We spoke to a few employees and one swore up and down that fall fishing is all about using lures with orange colors that simulate the perch. Perch, like shad also migrate from the depths of the lakes during the fall, and move into more shallow areas in search of vegetation. The perch travel in schools that are appealing to bass as Ipads on sale at Walmart on Black Friday.

I admit I had no luck with perch colored lures at Table Rock that weekend, and maybe there just aren't many perch in Table Rock. However, the next weekend I went fishing near my parents’ home in central IL, and I decided to use the perch colored lure.  I am proud to say that weekend was one of the best fishing weekends I have ever had! Although none of the bass I caught that weekend were particularly large, I must have caught about two dozen of them, and it certainly didn’t suck.  That weekend my parents, my brother and my son were all at the lake, and I focused more on spending time with them than I did documenting every catch that weekend. I didn’t know I would soon be starting a blog and need that valuable content!

OK here is where that let me explain part comes in… the perch colored lure I used was one I got literally out of the bargain bin of a large fishing store. It was on clearance because… it was discontinued! However I am posting a picture of the beloved but discontinued lure. Perhaps you may be able to find something similar in your local tackle shop. If not, Dick's Sporting Goods offers this Rapala crank bait in the yellow perch color as a close runner up! You can get it by clicking on the button below.


Even though fall is fading fast, you will want lures that simulate perch and shad in your tackle box next year for fall. And, hey they make great stocking stuffers!

Be sure to check back next week for my trout fishing adventure, but for now,

Tight lines and big smiles!

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Beloved but discontinued lure!


My first small mouth!

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