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Trout Fishing in Stocked Ponds

Trout Fishing in Stocked Ponds


A few months ago when I heard that one of the lakes that I like to fish was being stocked with trout, I knew I wanted to get in on that action and catch my first trout!

I had visions of myself in waders wielding a fly rod even though as I said in my last post, I am still working on my casting from a regular spinning reel. Turns out, that catching fish in a small lake is much different than catching them in a river or stream, and waders and fly rods would not be required.

But, I learned a lot about rainbow trout, and I had a great time catching them. I did a lot of research beforehand, some of which was helpful, some of which was not. Here was some of the more helpful information I learned.

1.       You can stand on the banks, you don’t need waders.  Some Wellington style boots may be nice as most banks of the lakes or ponds are quite muddy this time of year. I wore my old tennis shoes, and they worked fine for this first time trout angler.

2.       You don’t need a fly rod to catch stocked trout, but you do need ultra light gear. The same ultra light rod and reel that you are probably using to catch pan fish will likely work just fine.  This is the rod and reel that I used you can get it on Amazon.


However, your pan fish line and terminal tackle will likely NOT work for catching trout, because…

3.       Trout are smart and have excellent vision.

When fishing for trout, the trout will not bite on baits were hooks or line are visible. So, you must use tiny size 6 or size 8 hooks, like these Eagle Claw hooks from Bass Pro Shops.


You also must be prepared to cover the ENTIRE hook with your bait, not the slightest glint of a hook may be showing.  Lightweight line that is difficult for trout to see is also an absolute must. I have heard multiple opinions on this but everyone I have talked to agrees that you need to use a 2-6lb fluorocarbon line. I used this Berkley line that I purchased on Amazon.com


4.       Trout are typically fed salmon eggs or pellets in hatcheries, and that is what freshly stocked trout are looking for.

Berkley’s Powerbait in the orange trout bait formula is what I used, and I was able to catch my limit of three trout in about an hour and a half by using it. You scoop out about a pistachio nut sized amount, and roll it into an oval- ish sort of ball (it has a play- doh like consistency) and cover your hook completely with it. The yellow formula worked well the next weekend for me too! I bought it from Amazon.com.


About 12-16 inches above your hook, you will need a 1/8oz split shot weight, like this one from Bass Pro Shops.


  The ultra light line, small hook and light bait take some getting used to if you are used to throwing larger lures for bass like I am. You simply cast the bait out there and let it sink, waiting for a bite. With the ultra light pole and line, it will not be difficult to feel when you get one! Every time I went trout fishing; the trout I caught were out in the middle of open water, not near vegetation or brush the way that bass typically are.

I also really recommend having a smaller pair of needle nose pliers handy because once the hooks are in the trout’s mouths; they are not easy to retrieve due to the fact that trout have very small mouths.

5.       Trout do not have scales and are REALLY slippery! Don’t believe me? Check the photos.  (As usual, I am wearing another stunning fishing ensemble, complete with hairstyle!)

Slippery or not, I really enjoyed catching them and I will keep fishing for them in the future. I am looking forward to catching them in a stream or river too. Let me know what types of gear and baits I should use for catching trout in a river in the comment section, I would love to have your feedback!

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Until next time, tight lines and big smiles!



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