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What Every Woman Needs to Take Fishing (hint: He won't have some of these items in HIS tackle box!)

What Every Woman Needs to Take Fishing (hint: He won't have some of these items in HIS tackle box!)

What Every Woman Needs to Take Fishing

(Hint: he won’t have some of these items in HIS tackle box!)

 Just a few fishing essentials...for her!

Just a few fishing essentials...for her!

Ok, I am going to assume that if you are reading this, you probably have your own tackle box or bag, and you may have some of your favorite lures or soft plastics in it. Hopefully, you have all of the essentials like extra line, a variety of sizes of hooks and weights, a few bobbers, a great set of needle nose pliers and your fishing license in your tackle box, but here are a few other items you may want to bring along. Like the title says, your guy/ male relative/ guy friend may not have all of these essentials in HIS tackle box! Click the buttons for direct links to the essentials!

1.       Hand Sanitizers from Bath and Body Works

They kill germs, and they are highly scented. They will mask the scents of fish on your hands! They are available in a variety of scents, and they are even offering some manly scented ones. So go ahead, get some for your tackle box and his too!


2.       Some good quality hair elastics

Ever comb through your hair after a day on the boat? Or after a day on the water when maybe you have jumped in once or twice? Ouch! Keep the rats nests at bay in a bun, pony tail or braids by using these. I am a fan of the multi packs like this one, because you can end up using them in a pinch to bundle items together.



3.       Feminine Supplies in a sealed plastic bag

Most of the lakes I fish at are located miles from a convenient store, and nothing can ruin a day on the water than being unprepared for a surprise visit from Aunt Flo. Keep them in sealed plastic bags because if they accidentally get wet, tampons can swell to the size of a Nerf football. In a pinch maxi pads make wonderful bandages too. They are clean and incredibly absorbent.  Be prepared. You’re welcome.

4.       A  grabber



I was fishing with my brother one day, when I got a lure stuck in a tree. My brother assured me not to worry, we could use one of these grabbers to retrieve lures that were in hard to reach places, like trees or slime covered logs in the water. Grabbers are fairly inexpensive and you can get one like this at Harbor Freight.


5.       A small first aid kit, plus a few things

Hooks in fingers, insect bites, a splinter can all warrant opening up the old first aid kit. I believe every boat is required to have a first aid kit on board, but things get moved around over time…. And you know how that goes. So get your own, and add a few packets (like you can buy at the travel section of most department stores) of Aspirin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen for minor aches and pains. Add a roll of antacids like Tums too. Nothing worse than having the trots while you are on the water! I also like to add a tube of Bacitracin to the bag too, for any cuts, scrapes or bug bites. Oh, and I always pack a few Benadryl or Claritin just in case.  You can buy first aid kits already premade, but most of the supplies are pretty chintzy. I recommend making your own from a resealable plastic bag and supplies like band aids, gauze, alcohol pads and medical tape from the dollar store.

6.       Baby wipes

Tackle shops charge double or triple for these if they have fish or camo prints on the package. Don’t be fooled.  I personally am just fine paying less than $2 for a travel pack of them with Winnie the Pooh emblazoned on the package.  You can clean minor wounds, de-grease your face, and get a surprising amount of stains out by using them. You can also freshen up and get fish slime off of your hands with them.

7.       Sunscreen

Seriously. Don’t skimp on this one. I work for a doctor who injects a lot of Botox or Dysport into people’s face because they have wrinkles due to sun damage. He also removes a lot of skin cancer. It happens more than you think. Some forms of skin cancer can be fatal. Take this seriously.  Be diligent about reapplying it too! I often buy this one, which is always rated well.


8.       Insect repellent

Mosquitoes love, love, love me. I have tried the mosquito candles and the electric devices that keep them away, but none of them work as well as good old insect repellent. I buy travel sized cans of it and keep it in my car, my tackle box, beach bag and purse all season long.  Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep at night because I am up all night scratching like a crack addict! See my photo of one of my arms last summer. Yes, the other arm was covered in the bites too. Why my arm looks like gigantic here, I am not sure, but look at those nasty bites! Yes, I know that there are lots of debates about the chemicals in insect repellents, but mosquitoes can carry some pretty nasty stuff… just sayin.

20170710_213217 (1).jpg


This may sound like a lot, but it should all fit (with the exception of the grabber) into a makeup bag sized bag, and it should cost less than $25 for everything I mentioned. Most of it will last you well over a year too. It’s a small price to pay when you don’t have to cut your fishing trip short because you need to run and get these items!

Until next time,

Tight lines and big smiles!




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