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My Favorite Fishing Youtubers (in no particular order)

My Favorite Fishing Youtubers (in no particular order)


My Favorite Fishing You Tubers (In No Particular Order)

I watch a lot of fishing on Youtube. I have learned a ton from the anglers on Youtube, and if you live in the Midwest like me, most of you are stuck in fishing limbo right now. It’s bitterly cold, but many of the lakes and ponds aren’t frozen over enough to do any ice fishing.  For now, read up on my favorite Youtube anglers (in no particular order) and why I like ‘em! Binge watch until we can all fish again!

Ben Milliken of Milliken Fishing

Why I like him: Milliken quit his full time job six months ago to be a professional angler.  In my opinion, it was a bold and risky move that he says has paid off. I admire that level of dedication. He’s funny, sometimes foul mouthed, and a great angler. He has competed in tournaments, fishes for many different species, and has fished at many different fisheries across the US. He gets that everyone may not have a big budget for tackle, and many of his videos are DIY ideas on how to make or improve your tackle. Other videos are geared at proving your tackle doesn’t have to be pricey to catch big, slaunches, (Milliken’s term for big fish).

Although he doesn’t do a lot of “challenge” type videos, this one about using lures that cost less than $10, and can all be found at Walmart, is a great one!


Think of Milliken as the cool neighbor down the street that is always there to lend a hand when you have to stain the deck or move a couch. He’s also the guy that would show up with a six pack after the project and help you sort of your tackle! He may end up even contributing a few new pieces to your collection. He frequently gives away rods and tackle on his channel!

You can check out Ben Milliken at Milliken Fishing.


Andrew Flair of FLAIR

Why I like him: Flair has been making fishing videos since he was a teenager and is now in his early 20’s, so once again I admire his level of dedication to the sport. His enthusiasm for fishing is contagious, and his videos are entertaining.  Like Milliken, Flair is a multi- species angler who has won tournaments. Unlike Milliken, Flair has fished all over the world, and hunts as well.  Flair is also part of the Googan Squad, a group of four twenty something anglers who make Youtube videos together, as well as on their own.

 The Googan Squad guys make a lot of challenge style videos, and all of their videos are often chock full of goofy shenanigans.  Many people believe that the Googan Squad guys have done more for getting younger generations into fishing than most of the fishing industry combined, and I absolutely agree!

I enjoy the Googan Squad videos, but I feel like Flair’s own videos offer more practical tips and tricks than his Googan Squad videos. Check out this older video of his that shows some chatter bait modifications:


Think of Flair as the guy you get paired up with on a class project. You may hardly know him, but you know that working on the project will be a blast due to his outgoing and fun personality. You can also be assured the project will turn out amazing due to his enthusiasm and dedication. Like Milliken, Flair frequently does give aways in his videos and he offers promotional codes that you won’t want to miss!

Check out Andrew Flair at his channel FLAIR.


Jon Barzacchini of Jon B

There are a lot of similarities between Barzacchini and Flair. Both guys are members of the Googan Squad, and both have been making videos since their early teens. Both guys are multi- species anglers who have fished tournaments and fisheries all over the world. That’s where the similarities end. Barzacchini is a chilled out dude. His passion and dedication to fishing are obvious, but he shows it in a much more mellow way than Flair does. His videos are visually appealing, with drone footage, music, filters, etc.  Most of the anglers of Youtube use some of these tricks, but in my opinion Barzacchini’s videos are of the best quality.

Check out this video of Barzacchini catching Striper.


Barzacchini’s chilled out attitude makes him seem like the most approachable of the Youtube anglers in my opinion. In one of his videos a viewer challenges him to a game of checkers, with the stipulation, that if Barzacchini loses, he must go fishing with her brother. Barzacchini accepts the challenge and plays checkers. 

Think of Barzacchini as your favorite cube- mate at work. He works hard, keeps his desk neat, and is the easiest guy in the world next to work to.  Whatever type of music you want to listen to is cool with him, and if you forget your lunch one day, no problem he can grab a pizza for you both.  He can make a grueling work day seem like smooth sailing due to his chilled out nature.

Check out Barzacchini’s channel Jon B.


Justin Rackley of Lake Fork Guy

Rackley has been fishing for years, was on a college fishing team, and then went on to create videos for Youtube. I have never met him, but he seems like the nicest guy on earth! His videos are a combination of his fishing expertise and how to’s, and his recent personal struggles. Rackley was diagnosed with a brain tumor in late 2017, and chronicled the whole process on his channel. This was a gutsy, yet heart wrenching move on his part. Finding out he didn’t have legitimate health insurance, the costs of his surgery, pre and post brain surgery were all chronicled on his channel. Rackley frequently talked with viewers about his faith and the difficulties he faced with his illness. Although I had originally tuned in for his fishing advice, I watched daily as he updated his health status. His positive outlook and “Make Every Cast Count” philosophy make his videos a joy to watch.

Check out this video of him testing noisy top water bait.


Rackley also travels internationally to fish and offers some stunning videos of Mexico and the Amazon, which would entice any angler to go these destinations.

Think of Rackley as your favorite brother in law. He’s always there to lend a hand when you need it, and makes every family barbecue more enjoyable with his nice guy attitude and great sense of humor. He would be the guy that would show up with some fresh fish to throw on the grill and would offer to help coach your son’s tee ball team.

Check out Rackley’s channel, Lake Fork Guy


Sydney Sewell (channel is her name)

Last but not least, is one of the only female anglers in the US with an active Youtube channel. Sewell has a lot less subscribers than her male counterparts, but watch a few videos of her fishing and its obvious this girl knows what she is doing on the water! Sewell puts out videos of her testing new gear, fishing from her kayak, unboxing monthly Mystery Tackleboxes and even getting in shape. Check out this video of her using one of her favorite lures.


She has a perky, you-can-do-it attitude and she gets so excited when she lands a big bass, you will be inspired to fish more after watching a few of her videos. As a fellow female angler, I appreciate that she is not a wannabe bikini model holding a fishing rod, but clearly a woman who loves the sport!

As for the fact that she hasn’t made as many videos in recent months because she is focusing on her college courses? I have a lot of respect for that! Sewell is a good role model for all female anglers!

Think of Sewell as the gal you would want to hire to babysit your little sister. Her warm and lively attitude would be sure to rub off, as would her love for fishing and college ambitions. And, your little sister would probably be a better angler after she hung out with Sewell!

Check out Sewell’s channel, Sydney Sewell


Until next time, tight lines and big smiles!





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