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It's the 74th Day of January

It's the 74th Day of January

One Day, this Winter Will End, Really, I Promise


Oh Mother Nature, are you really that cruel, or are you just a big tease?!

See, a few weeks ago, the hubs and I took out our old Jon boat for a little fishing… It was over 60 degrees and a lovely day. The hubs tried out one of his new Sixth Sense crank baits and he caught a decent sized bass. 



I was sure that smaller and more subtle Bill Dance crank bait would catch me a whopper…. You can see how that went…


Honestly I did not care though that I had bigger fish in my fish tank at home. Just seeing that line move, feeling the smallest bit of resistance as I reeled it in (it was a really small fish) made me remember how much I love fishing, and why I couldn’t wait to spend every free chance I have out on the water. And then, Mother Nature, that bitch, turned on me. It got very cold again.

No, it did not get cold enough for the waters to freeze. But, the up and down temperatures, sometimes a 20 degree difference from one day to the next, have made getting a bite, rather frustrating. So, we haven’t been fishing as much, and this makes me sad. But, what’s a girl to do?


Here is the hubs out grilling on our deck last weekend. We are in full denial about this shitty weather. See that white stuff on the deck? Yep, its snow.


Yesterday, it was a high of 50 degrees. The hubs and I went trout fishing for just over an hour. I figured that the trout might just bite in this weather. I wore my winter coat. Yes, the same one that I wore ice fishing, because I didn’t want to be cold. I am a real wuss about being cold, I won’t lie. I am pleased to say that that after throwing out the Berkley Power Bait for about 20 minutes, I was able to catch this trout. Once again, my fish wasn’t a whopper, but once again I did not care. The thrill was there still, and reeling in this fish made me indescribably happy.


Today, the temperature is plunging again. I am writing this in April, and it is less than 40 degrees right outside my window… and I live in Missouri. Yep, not Minnesota, not Alaska, but Missouri. Next weekend’s weather is supposed to suck too. But, friends I am not giving up hope. Spring will happen any day now and I will be able to catch some amazing fish during the spring spawn. I am not giving up hope. After all, I don’t have a choice!

Until next time, 

Tight lines and big smiles!


Ice Fishing, Comic Con, and Fishing Shows

Ice Fishing, Comic Con, and Fishing Shows